Mental Awareness Training

Our mental health awareness courses are designed to start conversations about mental health and support employees who are experiencing mental ill health. Most employers tend to completely underestimate the financial impact of mental illness. A proactive approach for managing mental illness in the workplace is essential.

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that depression will be the second highest cause of morbidity in the world by 2020, employers cannot afford to bury their heads in the sand and hope for the best.

Mental illness is rising, and incurring high social and economic costs. Soon it could overtake HIV/AIDS as the leading cause of illness in South Africa. It’s time to take proactive action that will help to manage the impact of mental illness in the workplace. It is clear that it’s more important than ever to ensure that your staff have the tools and support they need to manage mental health in the workplace


Why Should you invest in Mental Health Training 


  • To get people talking and understanding mental health.
  • Stigma – Employees choose to suffer their mental illness in silence, fearing stigma should they speak out.
  • Mental health issues in general are still poorly understood and often surrounded by prejudice, ignorance and fear. Many employees would ‘rather die’ than admit they suffer from a mental illness.
  • To reduce the cost and impacts associated with mental ill-health.
  • When mental health issues are addressed, many patients report improvements in their physical health AND wellbeing.
  • Want to discuss how we can deliver mental health programmes for you? Ask us to call you back or find out more about our specific training.


The Benefits of Workplace Counseling for Employees Include

  • Easy access to trained counselors
  • A safe and confidential space to talk about their problems.
  • Helping employees to better understand themselves
  • Improving or establishing the proper coping skills.
  • Developing effective solutions to deal with problems
  • Find it Easier to Cope in Everyday Life
  • Share the Burden of Your Emotions.
  • Improve Your Physical Wellbeing.
  • Self-Awareness
  • A Positive outlook and different perspective


Employers Benefits From Workplace Counseling

  • Improved employee performance, leading to productivity gains
  • Decreased employee absenteeism
  • Lower turnover rates among employees
  • Productive way to handle sensitive situations or staff members with problematic behaviors
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Establish a reputation as an employer that cares about staff.

What is a Wellness Day?

An Employee Wellness Day is a spin on a traditional health fair, and your company will reap the benefits from hosting one.

This is an interactive and fun event that should be all about your employees and creating a culture of wellness.

Wellness is the recognition that individuals have a responsibility to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically. Wellness programs are good at helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.


Cost for Each Service


R1000 per session (5 sessions per employee), for the Employers cost thereafter medical aid is accepted for additional sessions if necessary.


• Resilience
• Synergy
• Workplace Harassment
• Sensitivity


Cost of Workshop:
No of candidates per workshop: 25-30
Duration: Half Day – R 10 000
Full Day – R 15 000