Karolyn Pillay-Moodley

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Constantia Kloof, Johannesburg and currently running an advice column, in the Constantia Kloof area.

2012-07-25 12 04 35PMI have worked at corporate, government and private levels, with a wide range of clinical, social and in a supportive role with medical problems, as well as psychometric and neuropsychological and forensic assessments. I furthermore produced a research paper on perpetrators of child murder. I have presented workshops on various topics from forensic topics like murder to everyday topics and challenges like stress management and parent-child relationships. I also appear frequently on the television show Great Expectations as an expert guest in parent child issues.

My diversity and broad scope of practice stems from full knowledge of the fact that seeking psychological help is difficult to most people regardless of what work they do. My main goal is to assist individuals in a non-threatening way to cope with their life’s challenges.

KPM Psych was recently featured at the SABC Career Indaba at Sandton Convention Centre and Student Expo at Greenstone Mall.

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My fees are charged as per medical aid rates with a discount for cash payments.

[/box] [one_half] My areas of expertise are individual and couples therapy, working with:

  • depression,
  • bereavement,
  • divorce,
  • couples therapy
  • forensics
  • psychometric testing
[/one_half] [one_half_last] I work with children doing play therapy and working with disorders such as

  • ADHD,
  • autism,
  • learning problems
  • Career guidance


[box type=”shadow”] I work holistically and together with psychiatrists, medical Drs, homeopaths and other health professionals and legal representatives to ensure a thorough evaluation and treatment is adhered to.



In summary I offer the following psychological services:


canstockphoto5326087For individuals seeking help:

I provide counselling and therapy for individuals and couples, both long term and short term. It consists of Face 2 Face sessions for Constantia Kloof and surrounds. We all experience challenges in our lives that make us feel stuck or overwhelmed and sometimes we can’t see a way forward.

In these times it’s comforting to know that there’s someone who can listen to your troubles in a non-judgmental and objective way. Someone who can help you gain a clear perspective of what’s going on.

Counselling and psychotherapy provides a space for you to explore your challenges and regain a sense of control over your life. My approach to each individual case is different as I acknowledge the uniqueness of each person. I therefore adopt a range of therapeutic techniques to benefit each person effectively. The way I work is informed by experience and evidence of what is known to work in therapy.


Online advice:

I provide advice in my column in Weltevreden Park news, online and via a newsletter. Please note that advice is not a substitute for psychotherapy and that some problems require more than just a short summary of what might or might not work. In these cases I will suggest more intense therapeutic measures.


For services and employers

I provide consultancy, training and support for corporate improvement. Employers are under severe pressure to produce effective outcomes. As such it has become imperative to assess and evaluate work procedures and guidelines to ensure their effectiveness.

I utilize evaluation tools to measure the outcome of services rendered and to report on less than adequate measures, to ensure improvement and development in your organization.


Personal Coaching:

I provide a collaborative approach to your personal and professional development during my coaching sessions, which are face 2 face individual sessions.

Key principles, which I focus on, are a well-developed framework to guide you in your coaching process, establish set and attainable goals, support and challenge. What I require from you are hard work and commitment. Throughout the coaching process you and I work together and review progress every step of the way. At the end we celebrate your job well done!


To contact me personally please do so on email info@kpmpsych.co.za or

Call to schedule a face-to-face appointment: 083-7777-801.