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” If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies!”

Excellence in psychology for adults, children and groups.


Medical Aid

Fees are charged according to medical aid rates and are based on the recommended rates for a psychologist.

I claim directly from the medical aid on your behalf provided that there are funds available.


There is a discount for cash payments.

Cash rates per consultation: 

60 minute session @ R800
90 minute session @ R1400


Assessments are charged at a set rate and includes administration, scoring, report writing and feedback. Any additional service such as court appearances, etc will be charged extra depending on the number of hours utilised.

  • Neuro psychological, Medico-Legal & Forensic Assessments: R8000
  • Career Assessments Comprehensive: R4000
  • Career Assessments Short: R1500
  • Subject Choice Assessment: R 1500
  • Study Tools (Manual & DVD Included): R 1500